Parquing Reino de León Pancarta Euro CC 2017
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Inauguración Euro CC 2017 Inauguración Euro CC 2017

Dear motorhome friends,

This year we are meeting in León (Spain) to celebrate the 40th International motorhome rally EUROCC with our member LLEURE CAMPER CLUB CATALUNYA.

This great rally of various countries is always a big challenge for the organizar and the volunteers’ team. More than 10 languages, different ways of living and schedules, we share the same passion: the motorhome, that takes us thousands of miles away from home to discover new places, to share experiences together with friends that have the same hobby.

In the FICM-IFCM clubs and federations, we do not only share experiences, but we contribute to the respect and the defense of the rights of the motorhomist as an automobilist, for a free circulation and a parking according to the category of our vehicle on the public places. Our FICM-IFCM members collaborate with the local, regional and national authorities, whereas the FICM-IFCM is the interlocutor on international level, in the European Union as well as in other institutions.

As well as the user of a car, the motorhome driver may be a good itinerant turist, but he should have in mind that his motorhome is ruled by the Traffic Regulations.

In Europe, travelling by motorhome is in fashion. The development perspectives confirm it, but the problems increase (limited access to the big cities, limited or prohibited traffic/parking on public places, an inadecuate driving license, etc.). We must continue to work hard all together.

With these reflexions, you will certainly understand better the need to be united and the importance to transmit the motorhome spirit in order to increase the number of clubs and federations. Union makes force.

I thank the organizer club and all the volunteers, the Town Hall of León, and all the collaborators of this 40th EUROCC.

Rose-Marie Delannoy

Présidente FICM