Parquing Reino de León Pancarta Euro CC 2017
Panorámica parquing
Inauguración Euro CC 2017 Inauguración Euro CC 2017


It is a pleasure to welcome the members of the Fédération Internationale des Clubs de Motorhomes (FICM-IFCM) and specially the organizing motorhome club LLEURE CAMPER CLUB CATALUNYA, for the choice of the city of León for the celebratIon of the 40 EUROCC 2017. It is a pride León is the first province capital to welcome this important motorhome event, and I am sure that León and its inhabitants will not deceive you.

You could not have made a better choice of the date for visiting our town during the Holy Week, some days to appreciate its processions, culture, heritage, gastronomy, monuments, and moreover, its inhabitants. You should know that our Holy Week is recognized as of International Turistic Interest for its artistic heritage, traditions, fervor, and spirit of conservation.

You arrive at León from different places in Europe, in a city that the Unesco has named “The cradle of Parliamentarism” and this year, in 2017, is celebrating the millenium of the Chart of León, the 48 dispositions claimed in 1017 by King Alfonse V, considered as the first recopilation of the citizens fundamental rights in the story of Europe.

Its past and story make of León a kingdom of cultures, and confirm the way of life of the inhabitants of León, that always welcome the visitors with open arms.

I invite you to enjoy this week, León being your home, a town to live, to be discovered, where you can walk and taste, a town to feel and to enjoy.

Antonio Silván Rodríguez

Lord Mayor of León